UPDATE: The club have emailed to say they’ve identified the guy and will be ‘dealing with it’ on Sunday. I’ve been going to White Hart Lane regularly ever since I’ve been able to afford it. These days that stretches to roughly a match every month, always with my Dad. League games, cup games, European games. I […]

This morning I found out that My Back Pages, a superb independent bookshop in Balham, is closing down. I lived in the area for over five years and made a point of doing any book shopping there. The staff all had an encyclopaedic knowledge and would always be happy to chat about books. For a […]

Stuff. Everywhere. Books, CDs, DVDs and an endless stack of boxes marked ‘miscellaneous’. Moving is a nightmare at the best of times, but after six months travelling with no more than a rucksack of clothes, iPhone, iPad and Kindle for company, it’s a complete headfuck. In just a few days I’ve gone from the simple […]

The process is always the same. The invoice you filed is getting late. Days becomes weeks and your initial, tentative email has received the same, embarrassed reply from your harried commissioning editor. ‘We’re sorry, accounts are dealing with it’. Another week passes, your bank balance is sliding dangerously close to the red, and that precious […]

I’ve been thinking of ditching my CD collection for a while now. Ever since I wrote about stripping out sentiment after returning from six months travelling, the unpacked boxes containing a few hundred discs have been sitting untouched, tucked under desks and on shelves throughout my flat. It’s the biggest unpacking job and one I’ve […]

My piece on the best places to grab a tasty, unhealthy snack during London 2012 has just gone live on CNN Go. Included are the delicious chili cheese fries at MEATliquor, The Lansdowne’s life-changing pizzas, Trinity Stores’ cricket ball-sized scotch eggs, as well as Byron’s top notch burgers. You can have a read here. Have […]

It’s now nearly three weeks since we disembarked Malaysia Airlines Flight 04 from Kuala Lumpur and began our adjustment back to reality after six months travelling through Asia. In that time, my girlfriend Keeley and I have spent ten days living with my parents, been stood up by a man and van at a storage […]